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Sunday, May 5, 2013

How blessed I feel right now

This week has been beautiful and sunny, the world has come alive with beauty and all of God's creatures playing out like a symphony of color and sound. We have so many beautiful birds everywhere, bunnies, and the miles of green grass and fields all around us.

The little Killdeer now has a total of 8 eggs, we put caution cones around her nest since it is on the edge of the driveway, a delivery truck or large vehicle might unknowingly run over the nest so we marked it off and she and her eggs are safe. I will have to take a picture of the little mother sitting in the middle of the cones on her nest. I am anxious to see what hatches, she has four of her own eggs and four foster eggs.

The ducks next door are here, there and everywhere eating bugs and sleeping on the cool grass under the trees. They are a little troop that enjoy life every moment, moving around and just being. The chickens the other neighbor has are big and free range so you see them all over their property.

Our ponies are getting moved as they eat the grass, Bit got shaved and Pony got a good brushing. They eat and sometimes lay down right in the middle of the grass in the sun when it's not too hot. Sometimes the ducks pay them a visit and everyone just hangs out.

The dogs are really happy here and Nana is too, she is starting to walk around outside and look around. It's much better than being in her cage all the time. When she gets tired she goes to the back door and we know she wants in the house. We are out there with her all the time making sure a hawk doesn't see her etc.

Yes, we've been blessed hand over foot as my mother used to say. It's peaceful, I have never in my life had peace and as much security. I never realized how hard the years have been until now. Most of my life was devoted to just surviving, a struggle constantly with some pretty big mountains to climb. Even growing up it was as far as peaceful as anyone could get. I thank God for His mercy and kindness today, He hasn't forgotten me or forsaken me and He leaves me always to wonder at His goodness towards me for why he chooses to be so I have no answer except He is pure love and like the world around me here, He pours out all that is needed for new life and the days and nights rejoice for His pleasure. 

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