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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A very busy week

The lawn mower is still chugging some so I got a fuel additive I am going to use tomorrow. Monday was a crappy day, Tuesday was a good day as Kylie got some help from the neighbor to set up the drill to make chain mail for one of her character costumes. Yesterday Kylie went to counseling and today I had to go to town to mail some important papers which I had notarized yesterday. We went and visited the horses this evening but didn't stay long, the weekend is almost here and we will spend more time with them.

I work during the day just like a regular job so I have to do my other stuff when I am not working. At lunch though I can mow some lawn or do some chores around the house. We helped the neighbor move some outdoor furniture this afternoon while I was taking a break.

We have to move the little temporary pen I made for the ponies because they finished the grass in the first section, I will be moving them all over for fresh grass till I get a fence built and they can have the run of the place.

We have lots of dandelions all over which is fine out here because people cut their grass but don't treat it but the garden beds have plenty of weeds so they will have to be removed. The mother bird now has 7 eggs and we put cones around her nest to keep it safe from any cars or delivery trucks that come down the driveway, no one would suspect there was a nest as the eggs blend in so well.

We saw the first June bug tonight, they are at the top of my list for bugs that give me the creeps, I am not a squeamish person but I draw the line with June bugs. I hope to have a bonfire this weekend, everyone has a fire outside at night here, I have plenty to burn and that will get rid of paper and boxes that are laying around here.

This weekend will be sheering of the critters, Dusti is done, next comes Daniel who is really hot with his heavy coat, pony and then bit. Everyone is shedding so bad it's just terrible, the carpet will stay cleaner without all the dog fur bunnies floating around.

Nana went outside and discovered she can walk on the gravel in the flower beds and on the patio. Her feet get caught in the grass and she can't get anywhere until she got on the rocks, she can't fly but she can hall just walking pigeon toed around. She walked straight up to the steps and looked like hey I am ready to go in now. She did like the sunshine and the grass and looking around as long as we stay close by.

There is so much to get done, the house inside needs straightened, the lawn is growing up, the weeds, the animals... I have to say I am happy though, I love to be outside and all the rest is just part of life. It's peaceful here, I think for the first time in my life I feel like I am where I belong, the community feels like home. It's a good thing. 

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