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Monday, May 6, 2013

Mowing, fat ponies, and good neighbors

Mowing every day somewhere on the property to keep up with the grass and moving the pony fence to keep them eating. For the first time ever little bit is getting fat which is a no no. They will have to be locked up at night to keep them from getting too fat. I hate to see mini's and ponies overweight, you run the risk of founder.

The neighbors tilled the garden for us while we were gone yesterday. It was a nice thing to do because I haven't had time to rent a tiller yet. The soil is looking good with all the fertilizer we spread over it from cleaning the little ones shed.

The little things I've planted around are sprouting and we already have lots of flowers from what was planted before. It was a little cooler today and while I was at lunch I mowed some and played around outside. As nice as the house is the biggest part of my time when not working is outside somewhere. Everyone here is like that, they are out mowing or playing or burning fire's at night. None of the houses are the type where you know people live there but you never see them.

Nana was on the back patio today and she wanted to come in the house so I opened the  sunroom door and she climbed the steps, walked through the door across the floor into the dining room and onto her cage by herself. She was very proud of her accomplishment and said "I love you".

She is such a character, she is so animated and sings songs and talks in a voice that sounds like a child. She now stretches her wings when she goes outside and even goes a few feet around to just look at things and then runs back to Kylie or myself.

The dogs had a really good romp outside and Kylie helped the neighbors move some stuff around on their porch this afternoon. I wish the spring could last forever, it's funny I hated the rain but now the ground is getting as hard as a rock, I keep thinking it has to rain some, it was such a bad hay year last year and too much rain or not enough equates to the same thing, a hay shortage. 

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