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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Barn Manager Does Some Down Time

For some reason my anxiety is off the charts again and I feel very depressed. I hate when that happens and I am going to try to kick myself in the pants it. The heat today was disappointing and I just felt off on everything so I just let myself crash for awhile.

The herd came in after their owners left at around 7:00.  Cody was at the gate first and I waited to see what Preacher would do. They all milled around and Preacher and Cody actually crossed their heads over their necks which made me feel very happy. Preacher let Cody go in first and then it was the same line up as always.

The little ones went out for 20 minutes and Little Bit went through the little gate and went to Echo. So, I fed them too.

The boarders did a great job cleaning and making the environment as nice as possible for horses and humans.

I went out and wacked some burr bushes down by hand after it cooled down and spread the manure.

I am afraid to hope for the family today taking the old house. One of the families who looked at it previously that was losing their home to foreclosure actually made a comment on facebook about putting a match to it. This got back to me through some people who know me who have horses. It is an old house but it is a good home and it isn't in foreclosure so enough said.

I forgot to mention that Emmie brought the first mouse in the barn last night. She is a good hunter and left it for us. She was back at the old house earlier today. Buttons chin looks better because we have been cleaning it out as much as possible.

The days are getting shorter which is a sign of the seasons changing. I don't mind the cold or the snow but I hate the daylight changes.

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