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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chores and meditation go hand in hand

It occurred to me today while sweeping up the barn that it is pretty incredible that I would be blessed with such a life. I had to think about how everything has fallen into place to date. The Lord has blessed me in abundance and I have to reflect on who and how He pours His blessings through.

First, what seemed to be a blow when my salaried position in regulatory compliance was eliminated four years ago turned out to be great because I landed in a branch seven miles from home. (They couldn't reduce my income).

Second, although I never really jelled with the branch associates I have met wonderful people and befriended many branch customers. Who would have known that those customers would change and enhance my life so much. They all just happen to be believers.

Third, I went back to school and so many people were so supportive of my decision, I gained enough confidence in being successful in going back to school that I started to like myself again.

Fourth, my anxiety level was off the charts when dealing with so much stress the last few months of branch life and a dysfunctional environment. It was clear I was ready to make a decision and didn't make it alone. I prayed and my prayers were heard and one thing led to another. I love pet sitting and dog grooming.

Fifth, the granddaddy of them all... after driving by this place on my road for three years imagining that I would never have a chance at it, here I am.  All those years of banking of which I fell into at a young age paid off in the negotiation process. The Lord sent me to finance school. All the years I have had Cody at home and cleaning the old place up was farm school. The bank was generous with shares which I was able to use for a down payment after leaving the company. Again, the Lord provided.

Sixth, the best.  It has taken a community to get us this far. Friends from church have moved us and they have donated their precious time to help in anyway they can. The Lord has sent the best boarders I could have imagined and horses that are very easy to work with. He has sent me a mechanic as a neighbor, buyers for stone, my old neighbor to refer grooming business, families that home school, an excellent hay provider. My daughter's father has sent her brothers to do work I couldn't do and he has given me much advise.

I'm sure my list isn't finished or complete but when I meditate on my blessings I have to give the credit where credit is due. For it takes His grace and the community of people to carry His blessings along. I hope very much that He uses us to do for others and be a blessing as well.

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