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Friday, August 27, 2010

Second Wind

Kylie and I came in because we were so tired and hungry. We ate something and had a visit from the neighbor who needed some wormer for his dog. I always have a broad spectrum wormer (Pancur) on hand for dogs and cats.

Kylie and I cleaned stalls and took Raul's wet area out. The horses came in around 9:00. Satire came first and waited till the food was ready and we led him in. We whistled and the other horses came down the shoot and we waited for them to figure out the dynamics of coming in. Preacher who I have shown twice how to get in came around with Rauls. Echo and LA caught on and came around last. They've got the in's and out's of it now even in the dark.

Kylie wanted to fool around with pony a bit so he did the PVC the tarp and the cones. He licked the tarp while standing on it so obviously he has been there and done that. We molested him with the green noodles and a little blanket. He licked my pants so nothing to report there!

So, all the little ponies are fed and tucked in without fly masks or halters. LA got his medicine.  Now it's time for the humans to actually have dinner and get some sleep. I still have a project due for class before midnight so I will go to sleep when I am done.

In the a.m. I should hear about the tractor. Hope it goes well and it turns out to be a decent tractor. Vodka...

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