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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Okay so the day isn't over

Kylie wanted to play with pony and she wanted me to come out to the barn. Granted, I am very tired but I know I need to spend time with Kylie doing things besides work and school stuff. She is really enjoying getting pony back into shape and much to his dismay braiding his tail and mane.

I decided while she was playing around with grooming pony that I would exercise Mr. Cody and start working on getting some muscle on his hind quarters. He needs a trim and he is weak in his back legs so we walk and trot a little at a time. I must say it has been at least eight years since he's seen a PVC pipe but he only bulked for a  moment and then walked across it.

Lil Bit thrashed in his stall because both Cody and Pony where out and he wasn't and worse he can't see out because he is too short. So, maybe this is it this time... yawn

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