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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot, Hot and Hot

Fed the horses and then did a pet sit.  A gentleman from Cleveland came to look at the house today and said he'd talk it over with his wife. I liked him the best so far because he wants to move out of Cleveland and he had a lot of ideas that would work out for the old house. He also said the deposit was no problem. There are folks coming tonight for a second visit who are nice but it sounds like money may be an issue. No call back about the horse stall.

The little pony and mini went into the little area where sawdust is supposed to go in the arena. I fly sprayed everyone and got them ready to go out. They all had to sniff the little guys and I had to chase Cody out of the arena he didn't want to leave them. I wish they could go too but it is too dangerous because of their size. It will all work out for everybody in a week or two. I am hoping Cody will bond with the bigger herd and maybe him and Satire can be buddies.

I have to take Buttons to the vet this afternoon because he has an abscess that drains but won't heal. Tonight I have to get lots of homework done. I am hoping that the house will be rented by the end of today.

Yes, it's hot and I really would like it not to be anymore. It is miserable for humans and animals alike. We need a really good rain, one that will last a couple of days and make things a little greener and less dusty.

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