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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Big Herd Grazes Till 5:00

The herd was out the longest they've been since coming here. They were very tired and happy to see their stalls today. I fed them since they had eaten so early today. They all found their way into the barn and through the arena.

Preacher was attacked by burrs and they managed to almost remove his fly mask. According to eye witnesses, the mask was hanging from his forelock and halter. He managed to escape unscathed otherwise and the burrs where disposed of in a manner befitting their offence.

The little herd was released to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening on the grass.

Michelle also had to deburr Satires tale relieving him of a colony of burrs that have taken up residence on his royal posterior.

Basically, everyone has got at least one burr on them but so it goes in the world of pasturing a horse.

It brings me great joy to see them all flow in and out and be comfortable in their new environment. It is very rewarding and I love them all.


  1. That is really funny about Preacher, the burrs and his fly mask : )) I can just see him!

  2. I de-burred the Arabian King today! I think Satire is happy here- he told me today