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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I repeat everything happens at once

Lets see... finished the groom and the neighbor thought he found something that would work as a harrow so I went next door to the tractor place to look. It wasn't something I could use.  I got a call about the last stall for rent and may have another boarder soon. A person with an older horse who is looking for a quiet place.

Cody and small herd came in around 3:30 and the big herd went out to the big pasture. They stayed out till six and when I did Raul's food he mysteriously appeared in the arena alone. I was surprised to see Rauls alone as he likes to stay close to the herd. It is interesting that the herd did not approach the barn until I measured their feed out and they were some distance away.

We let Rauls in his stall and then the rest of the herd showed up. They waited at the door instead of moving to the arena to come in. They went back to the pasture and I whistled again and they came again but didn't go to the arena. I decided to walk towards the back of the barn and they followed and then figured out they should go into the arena and wait. We brought them through one by one and all went perfect.

This is only the second evening since moving where we have come in early enough to cook super. Annabelle can now see the kitchen and cried the whole time while I fried potatoes. She loves potatoes and just has no patience.  We discovered that she has fear of potholders.  She acts like we are chasing her with a butcher knife when she sees one in our hands. It is hard to cook and not use a potholder so she will have to overcome her phobia of the evil potholders plotting against her in the kitchen.

I have studying to do and am pretty sleepy so I will be going to bed soon. Tomorrow Kylie will try school again and the day should be a little slower. Maybe I'll be lucky and win a secret bet tomorrow... ha

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  1. Rauls and sometimes Satire want to come in early but that was usually when it was hot and no shade! Not the case here : )) It's good he found his way all the way back in the arena.
    And "Ha" no way : ))