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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Everything always comes at once

Today I was out at the block building by 7:30 to receive a dog I am grooming for a rescue group. At the same time Kylie is getting up to start school online.  The dog was slow going because he is sweet but I believe unaccustomed to being groomed and he had some mats etc. We worked for awhile on him and then I fed the horses, let mine out, picked their stalls, and then went in to make some calls.

We had a pet sit at 11:30 and had to stop at the pet store for parrot food. Back to the block building to check on the dog Grayson.  It was time for Grayson to have a bath and get dried and brushed.  He did well with the bath and was again pretty concerned with the dryer so we took our time. He is now air drying for awhile and I will finish trimming him and do his nails.

Grayson, I have learned in a very short time is very smart. He's a beautiful dog and will need someone to work with him because he does well when he knows what you expect of him. He has been patient and although he wishes to avoid things he does not snap. Obedience training some firmness and again knowing what is expected of him is the ticket.

Now time to help Kylie with her school and then bring our horses in to let the larger herd out. Of course, more later...

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