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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Little Herd Went Out Late and Didn't Want to Come In

Kylie and I took a long walk in the dark tonight to find our horses. They were at the very end because they went out late. I worked Cody a little but didn't do much since he was trimmed this morning. He is moving more fluently.

What I find interesting is how much weight he is carrying. I haven't fed him any oats or anything but pasture and some hay. I've been told that unless horses are worked really hard that a good pasture is enough but never utilized the old one enough because I worked all day and didn't want to leave them out when I couldn't come home to let them in if it stormed etc.

The little ones have been out most of the time since they have been here at the new place and look just right. I hope to work some of the fat of Cody in the next few months and see some muscle. Very exciting stuff.

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