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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm not used to having fun

Since I started with this barn I have had a lot of fun. This was an especially fun day for me cause I got to play with Echo and Shirley. Echo is very sweet but stubborn and it's funny to see his personality emerge. Teasing Shirley is an extra treat of course.

It was nice to visit with Shirley's sister and Pam while doing chores. The herd was very anxious to get out and get another taste of the big pasture. Hopefully Shirley got a good picture of Little Bit harassing Echo which if she did I would love to post on this blog.

Today was phone call day and I have another person interesting in renting the house but I am still hoping the other family will solidify the deal on Saturday.

The big red tractor may be here soon. I think Vodka would be a good name for this Russian beauty. It better be beautiful! Hopefully it won't be too intimidating because I am scared of heights. All those levers... I better get my sharpie ready to put notes on it so I don't forget and do something crazy with them. I'd hate to loose control and crash into anything. I think I'll have to take driving lessons for awhile so I might have to borrow some cones (LOL). I better make sure the horn works just in case.

Tomorrow school starts for Kylie. I am excited for her and hope she does well.

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