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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Action packed day

Last night I took Kylie to the emergency room for a bump on her head she got a couple of days ago when she brought Pony in and he spooked and went backwards and she hit her head on the ramp next to the gait. It didn't seem very bad but she started getting dizzy etc. so she has a mild concussion. She will have to take it easy till her symptoms and headache go away.

This morning I started out by making phone calls, I missed two early morning meetings because of the late night emergency room thing and so I rescheduled them. Next was cleaning the kennel and rotating horses in the pasture, stall cleaning, and some visitors. Clients came to see the kennel and reserved time for their dogs.

Polo has been lame for a few days and we thought it was the new exercise he was getting and just being sore. Today it was much worse and he had a real problem with his two front feet. I called his owner and she came down and we decided to call the vet, she checked him over and he has foundered. I think we caught it in time to minimize the damage. He will get hosed down, limited hay, and pain medicine for a few days. I am glad we got the vet out because he was really feeling the pain and at least we know what is going on. We don't know why he foundered but the vet will check for different things once he's better.

I had a very good friend stop by and we are putting together a plan to get some cosmetic things done to the front of the house and some other things. We are also going to work on marketing and a few other really important things. We may be able to get some volunteers out here to help paint etc.

This day has been really full and I'm pretty sore and tired. It was a good day except for Polo. Tomorrow I have to groom two cats and I will be here working on some of the cosmetic things. Friday I have a meeting and Saturday and I am sure new things will arise.

It's was too hot and humid for my liking and the horses but at least it was not pouring the rain down. Hopefully tomorrow both Polo and Kylie will be feeling better. 

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