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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Everything happens at the same time

This morning Polo showed signs of founder again. Polo is a wonderful horse and his owners are very special people and love him very much. I know that Polo will be okay but it's frustrating to have a set back after he seemed to be out of danger.

I had a very important appointment today that went very well and I am hopeful good things will come from it. I have booked several dogs for the kennel the first week of June and had to turn two people away because I don't want to over book.

Kylie worked with Aubrey today and they did well. During the course of the day, I witnessed a trainer use some very old fashioned (cowboy) ways of training a horse. I was disappointed to see the approach because there are so many more positive ways to get the desired results. The dominance approach, intimidation equals control sort of theory just doesn't work for me. There are times to be firm I agree, but teaching is about communication and choices. Setting up a horse or a dog to encourage the behavior or task you are looking for and communicating or rewarding is simply saying yes that's what I want you to do and the animal given the chance, will choose the correct outcome. Furthermore, I already know I am in control and the animal knows they are being asked to do something, the question is what and the job is communicating the request clearly.

I ran into my blacksmith at the gas station and caught up on horse and stable news. Seems times are tough for a great many people with horses and you don't read about it in the news but it is still tough just the same.

Tomorrow the vet comes to see Polo and I hope she is able to shed some light on things. I am going to do some painting for a friend and the regular chores around here. My farmer is back in town and I will pick up a round bale tomorrow sometime.

I think a good nights sleep is order now, I am tired and it's been a busy day. Kylie is tired and worried too and I know she is just over tired, tomorrow she'll feel better.

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