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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Half off day

This morning I did the chores and decided to take a little bit of money and buy Kylie and I breakfast. It ended up being lunch but we needed a good hot meal. We stopped in at the Salvation Army to find Kylie some jeans. It was half off day and we got some good and needed stuff.

I blow through tennis shoes and boots like crazy always working outside and so I don't buy new stuff because it isn't worth it just to get manure all over new shoes. I found a pair of Sketchers and a pair of all terrain boots. I have been having problems with comfortable shoes and my feet have paid the price. Both pairs felt great and the boots are light and breathable for the hot months of summer. I'm feeling much better walking now. Kylie got a pair of jeans, several t-shirts and a tea kettle and all of it cost $7.

The best part about buying used jeans and shirts is you work in them, paint in them, and just beat them to death and then replace them without breaking the bank.

It just isn't practical for us to spend tons of money on clothes and shoes. Besides, every dollar counts around here.

I woke up with a bad sinus headache and it was pretty hot today after being kind of nippy yesterday. I wish it would rain some since it's just may and everything is drying out.

Will and Mare came in the barn today together and Will let Mare drink water with him out of the tub. It took a really long time for Mare to be accepted by Will and Jackson but they have finally allowed her to be one of them completely. She can come to the gate first, drink and num hay without being chased away.

Daniel ripped the head off of his giant stuffed bright pink rat. I pulled some of the stuffing out and through it away to save him the trouble of pulling it out all over the living room. Life with dogs.... always a cleaning challenge.

Nana our cockatoo is so much fun. She greats me when I come in the back door with all her feathers displayed (the ones she still has cause she plucked herself very badly before we adopted her) and jumping up and down and gives a jungle yell. I love Nana, she's like a little toddler and is full of personality and beakiness. 

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