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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fun in the sun

My idea of fun is not always the same as probably most peoples. I am pretty much a home body and like just doing farmy stuff and it is fun to me. I did some house cleaning in the barn and since it was so hot we hosed down all four of our horses.

We promptly turned them loose in the arena and back paddock to let them role and get covered in dirt, the reason is nature fly control. No poison spray and they enjoy it so much. They were all down with their hooves in the air and came up the same color. Cody is red and white and pony is a palomino but they were both as brown as bit, they loved it. Now, when they came in this evening the dirt had dried and they had shook it out and Cody having so much white, looked white where he was supposed to.

Kylie saddled up Aubrey and rode him for a little while and he did very well. The new feed is really popping the horses coats and they are very shiny and sleek, plus they are rounding out and muscling up. I really am pleased with the Buckeye products and am glad not to be feeding Purina or Safe Choice anymore it just wasn't doing anything for the horses.

Nana got another bath today as her white feathers still look dirty in some places. She was hanging on the bars in her cage and spreading her wings and flapping them and in parrot talk that means I really like my  bath. The payoff for getting her soaked is she is quiet and happy for the rest of the day instead screaming and demanding attention. She always carries on when the sun goes down until I come and tell her nigh, night and pull her blanket down. She always wants to say goodnight. This morning I walked outside and left the door open and she came down from her perch and said good morning and hello as plain as day.

We watched some TV this afternoon at the hottest part of the day, I took a nap late afternoon and Uncle Gregg came down for a few hours. It was a good day and fun for me especially watching eight pairs of hooves up in the air and seeing them thrash around as they try and role on each side.

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