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Saturday, May 26, 2012

When your down

Yesterday I didn't feel like I was on top of the world. I tried to make today a better day. So, I tormented my pets. Not really but they thought so. Pony and Bit got a nice shampoo bath with Bit getting shaved because he never looses his winter coat easily because it is so thick. Bit looks so cute and charming with his little self prancing around. He was mad as heck though for getting a bath.

Nana and Loki got spritz baths, after all they are parrots from rain forests.Loki likes water but Nana only likes it when the sun room is hot and I have to sing to her while I spray her. 

I cut the grass in the back yard and did some trimming at dusk. Kylie and I watched some TV in the afternoon when it gets really hot. 

Tomorrow I am thinking of grooming the dogs or at least one a day. Cooper will go first and I am going to take off belly fur and trim his feathers short for summer. Maybe I will wash Cody my horse and I know he will hate it but he really needs it. I will have to drag him away from any dirt after his bath because he will drop and roll any chance he gets. 

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