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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Farm stuff

Sunday was really hot, yesterday was comfortable and today was cold. Here's a surprise... I have a sinus headache. I mowed grass today thinking it was going to rain but it didn't so things are looking dry and brown.

The horses had a great day because it was cool outside and they could stay out in the pasture without bugs biting or getting to hot. Mare girl is looking really good with her shiny coat. Will has finally gained weight. Cody and Aubrey look just right. Pony and bit still need shaved and I need to do that this week.

Polo has lost a lot of weight but he seems to be stabilizing as far as his founder flare up. Now the challenge is to have him gain weight without causing a flare up. We have some average quality hay, beet pulp, and corn oil in our arsenal to put safe calories in him. He is feeling good and has plenty of energy. He rolled yesterday in the arena which was great because he's wanted to for a long time. I am learning about thoroughbreds and also about founder. When Mare first came to the barn I didn't have a clue about Standardbreds and the same with Arabs but now I have experience with both and their personalities and tendencies. Health issues are important to learn when you are caring for a senior horse, they have some unique problems sometimes and sometimes things are just happen faster and more frequently.

I took part of the fence down where water pools when it rains and pushed more soil and gravel over to build it up. Eventually, it won't pool anymore and the horses won't have to go through deep mud when they go out to the big pasture. It's better than it was last year and it won't take much more to fix it for good.

I took time tonight to talk to Will in his stall and he seemed calmer, he can be stall aggressive with people because he has been treated very badly in his early life. I talked to him and told him how handsome he is and he leaned into the bars and listened. I brushed Polo on his back a little while he ate and brushed Cody a little too. Everybody in the barn had a good day today with the coolness of the day.

I finally got the living room cleaned up yesterday and swept it really well. I had to fix the vacuum cleaner it had some clogs and other issues. With four dogs my greatest fear is not having a vacuum cleaner for a day. I messed with the vacuum for awhile and it is working great, it's old, second hand, and has a bag but it vacuums better than any other I've ever had. Today I came in from the barn and my nice clean floor had toy stuffing all over thanks to Daniel, he was very proud but I thought what a loosing battle around here. 

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