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Monday, May 7, 2012

Attacked by a bungee

I went to Litchfield today to get a round bale and while securing it with a bungee (as tight as possible) it broke and about knocked my face off. I was stunned for a few minutes but besides some swelling I am okay.

Today was one of those days that I didn't feel like I got much done. I dropped the hay off in the barn and Kylie and I had fun watching people as we drove by (mouths agape) because we were in a big yellow pickup with a huge shredded wheat looking thing in the back. The suspension on the truck is pretty lame so that added to the humor as we felt like bobble heads.

It was really humid today and I hate that especially working in the barn. I did get some paperwork done and low and behold my dad agreed to help me with some bills. Maybe that is why I have felt faint all day, just couldn't stand the shock.

I am really worn out today and feel beaten down. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I will feel like taking on the world again.

The flies were bothering the horses today as they do just before a storm. It seems a little early in the season to be dealing with flies. We do have fly predators in the stalls already.

I did get laundry done today, organized garbage cans and trying to get things looking as good as possible. I need to borrow a pressure washer to take the chipping paint off the house. Hopefully, it will be cooler tomorrow.

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