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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yes, Jesus loves me

I was sweeping the barn tonight and I was playing some tunes on my ipod when Whitney Huston started singing "yes, Jesus loves me". I had to reflect on listening to my mom sing this song to Kylie when she was a baby while rocking her to sleep.

I felt sorry for the little children today that never get to hear that song. Christianity has gotten a really bad name these past few years. You hear about judgement and condemnation in the name of the Lord and I believe that is a primary reason why children don't ever get to know Jesus as a friend.

I know the Bible very well, my grandfather read it to me every day as a child for hours, I heard his sermons he wrote and I listened as he talked with old time pastors that would pay him a visit. I know about sin and judgement in the Old Testament.

My grandfather when he was young was a hell, fire and brimstone kind of preacher but when I came in to the picture he was gentle, patient, and so kind. Grandfather was my best friend and I saw the Lord through him, He to is gentle, patient and so very kind also.

Jesus is my friend besides being the son of God. I think Christians forget that while sharing the "good news" that Jesus loved in His every day life with people. Jesus never turned anyone away and the very people we condemn today He loved, forgave, and cherished.

It doesn't come across as very comforting when someone is at the end of their rope and you tell them they are a worthless sinner, could never please God, and the consolation is Jesus died for you but you really don't deserve it. Although we all sin, we are children of the most high God, He is a parent and loves us no matter what. We forget that some people were never loved properly by their parents, what then? How are people supposed to understand God if they don't know what love really is.

Jesus had a message but He didn't talk as much as He did and when you read about Him you can see goodness and love. The kind of love that when you feel like no one cares, you've failed and you don't have a hope in the world that a friend, Jesus, does care, does love, and will be their with you at your lowest moments. Not because He has to be but because He wants to be. Just like a good parent He wipes away your tears, doctors your skinned knee, and tells you everything is going to be okay. The things deep in our heart we all need to hear and experience as humans and get very little of from each other.

Yes, Jesus loves me and everyone else regardless of whether we approve or not. I will sing it to my grandchildren and teach them the old ways and they will know God. As a side note, Nana a rescued, plucked Cockatoo of ours who knows this song. I didn't teacher her but she learned it somewhere in her long life and we sing it together, not really a good example though, it doesn't do much good when people want to cover their ears.

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