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Thursday, May 17, 2012

My memory stinks

Lately, I have been very absent minded. I think it's stress but it is very annoying. I've forgotten a couple of things this week that I usually would never let slip my mind. I don't want to relate it to age just stress or to many pans in the fire.

Yesterday, Polo got ex rays and they looked better than expected. He will need plenty of stall rest, cold hosing, and light on the food but I think he is going to be fine. His padded shoes are the best thing for him and hopefully whatever the trigger has been the mystery will be solved soon.

My brother called from the hospital, he was in the stroke ward because he thought he had a mini stroke. They kept him for tests and observation but today they think they have ruled out a stroke and think he had a severe migraine. I was very relieved to hear it wasn't a stroke but he did have all the symptoms. The doctors are going to do more tests and give him some good medications to prevent it from being so severe. I told him nice try but he isn't getting out of stall cleaning after all which he only half laughed at.

Earlier today Kylie and worked with Aubrey on getting him back to putting a bridle on without a fuss and also backing without a lot of pressure. Kylie and Aubrey did really well and it was fun instead of being a drill session.

Scrappy came for kenneling for the weekend and a bath and we will have a total of six dogs in the kennel over the weekend. They are all great dogs and very well behaved. I love dogs and I love horses so I must be in heaven.

Mare Girl got her hooves trimmed and was happy to be let out to pasture again afterwards. I love mare she is so sweet and special. She knows how to live a happy life and loves her stall (it's the most private in the barn), loves senior feed, and pasture. Did I mention getting kisses and getting brushed once and awhile? She loves those to.

I did the late evening chores which includes bringing our herd from the pasture, they were waiting for me when I came out and ready to come and eat and go to bed. Love them all.

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