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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An amazing thing

I'll give you a little history on two horses here so that you can truly appreciate my wonder. Jackson, is a quarter horse that is a big teddy bear and everyone loves him but he is very bad to other horses. To be blunt, he is a bully. Jackson has picked on Mare Girl for months, Will his companion is not good with people but great with other horses and he is the head of the herd which consists of Jackson and Mare.

Will and Jackson have slowly accepted Mare but Jackson is always pushing her around. After all these months she is finally one of them and they eat, drink etc. together. At coming in time though Will is always first, Jackson is second and is always chasing Mare.

This evening as I stood in amazement, Jackson stood and let Mare walk past him to the gate and come in without even lowering his ears or chasing her.I had to see if he was alright, he was and I praised and kissed him and told him what a wonderful boy he is. Tomorrow he may be back to usual or perhaps I dreamed this but I hope not.

Polo is doing much better and is happy and playful even though he is still pretty much on stall rest. William is starting to gain weight, he wasn't real thin but he is a quarter horse and he is required to have a big butt! Will has been a challenge to put weight on and I am happy to see he is finally popping. He is a cribber and nothing works, not even collars. I finally put a square broom up in his window so he couldn't grab the wood/metal and he can't crib then. Horses that crib can really have problems keeping weight on and it is risky with colic too.

Everyone else is doing well and enjoying a couple hours on pasture and about four hours on a round bale outside. I wish I had that life myself. We are going to get pony cleaned up and maybe Kylie will show him this summer. He's been shown before and he is very pretty and listens really well. Since he was the reason Kylie hit her head in the barn and got a concussion I will have to tease her about showing him (he'll be on a lead line) and wearing a safety helmet.

I cut some grass today and trimmed weeds, my least favorite thing because the weed eater always makes my hands and arms hurt. Still, things look better and I have plenty more to trim and cut. 

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