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Thursday, May 31, 2012

fast moving day

The vet came to see Polo today and he is recovering very well. Polo and Cody spent time in the arena together grooming each other and doing horsey things. I think they should share some hay when they are together because they get bored, maybe tomorrow we'll try it.

Mike helped me adjust the back blade on the tractor and it is working much better now. I have dirt to move and I want to clean up the paddock and smooth it out. I am going to cut some of the tall grass and trim around the fence for the next few days. Things get hairy around here pretty quick so I have to hustle to keep up with it.

We have two adorable puppies we are doing daycare for and they are very sweet. One of them has a little cold but she should feel better in a couple of days.

I helped Shirley today with a crate and met her chicks, they were super cute. I had a ton of phone calls today and picked up a round bale in the afternoon.

Tomorrow I have an appointment and also am going two groom two little dogs. The weather is nice and tolerable. The horses are very happy with the grass growing the cooler weather and less bugs biting.

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