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Friday, March 8, 2013

A splendid day

I let the little ponies out this morning, they are still wearing their coats but soon they won't have to. I worked my job and put macaroni and cheese in the oven, it was good. After work I shot down to the barn to help with stalls and chores. The sun was shining beautifully.

I helped with the stalls which were simple, played with Aubrey and Cody and fed them carrots. No drama, no dealing with obsessive boarders being completely out of line and neurotic, The place we board the two horses is owned by a nice family that does things very similar to the way we used to at our barn and they have the equipment to make the job easier. 

It's easy to work along side of people who kind of are in sync with your thoughts and ways. I gained an education working with and caring for horses and learned about them and about people too.

I learned what true friendship is and what it is not. I learned that sometimes a horses worst enemy is it's owner. I also learned a great deal from caring for dogs, all kinds of dogs, some with issues and some without. The owner's of dogs I believe are more sensible.

I learned that people that love animals often hate people and will use people and abuse them and wonder why the people in the world are so terrible. Really, to change the world you need to learn to love people and show them kindness even if they spit in your face if you can, ultimately, helping people helps animals. The tough part is that animals will accept the help and give in return, people aren't so evolved or gracious so it takes a better person to be kind to another person than to be kind to animals.

I've learned from my experiences with animals how to love and sacrifice, and to respect their goodness and pureness of heart. I've learned from their owner's to be kind and generous for my own sake and learn to know when to draw the line sometimes. I lost some human friends a long the way but I retained the ones who counted. I made a lot of animal friends though, I never lost any of them except to the good Lord. I have a treasure trove of dog and horse friends in my heart.

I recall the St. Bernard Ben who I went to get with a trainer that worked for a rescue. He was aggressive but very ill, so ill in fact that he couldn't even be vaccinated for a month he was so weak. Ben was only two years old and would have died had we not went and got him. Ben for some strange reason trusted me, he was very aggressive and protective of his family who couldn't care for him anymore. Ben could have bit me and I would have really been hurt but he didn't. Ben has a great home now and all his medical needs have been taken care of.

That's just one story and there are others. I made mistakes a long the way of course and went through some bad times but I don't regret the two years I got my education, of course I could have done without some of the people difficulties, I can say I've experienced shallow people up close and personal.

Now is the season to stop and enjoy my animals my close friends and my daughter. I took a shower when I got home from the barn, I'll watch some TV. It almost seems like a normal life. Yes, today was splendid, I hope to have more days like this.

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