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Monday, March 25, 2013

Ready for a nap since this morning

I knew the snow was coming, I rationalized it last night that it would just be a passing thing and it would warm up quick. This morning as I hate to admit was beautiful and glittery but then the gloom and cold sunk in.

I wanted to lay around and nap all day, of course I had work and things to do around the house. Kylie and I went to pick up some juice and some necessities after work and now I am feeling sleepy. Everyone is sleepy it seems today.

I did have the pleasure of bringing a snowball into the house and chasing Kylie with it. I also signed her up for a teenage writer's guild meeting. I am making her get out and participate in things and insisting that she try things she has natural talent for so that she can better decide later what she wants to go to college for.

Soon I will go to bed and hope for warmer days, I am glad that kids got a snow day though since there weren't many this year. Not sure what we will do for Easter this year, it just doesn't seem like Easter should be here, I suppose it's because it feels wintry instead.  

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