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Thursday, March 21, 2013

As the wind howls

Cold, very cold and the wind howls outside which makes it even colder. I checked the weather and it's clouds and cold for the rest of the week. Despite the cold and grey weather outside I felt better and tried to get things done. I made a nice stew and cleaned some ashes out of the fireplace. Did my work online and went to see the horses.

Our neighbor has ducks and they decided to lay their eggs under one of our pine trees so John came over to collect them. They don't want more ducks so they will use the eggs for cooking. The pine tree is inside the electric fence so we pulled the plug while he got the eggs.

The ducks are fun to watch and their are chickens across the street. One day I was pulling out of the driveway and it had been raining for quiet some time, there was a pool of water in front of the hen house and so there was a lone chicken standing at the door of the hen house looking forlorn. I would have liked to snap a picture of it, it had rained so much that he ground was saturated and without long boots it wasn't fit for chicken nor human to walk around.

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