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Friday, March 22, 2013

Going green

Now that I am home most of the time I have time to cook wholesome food. Today I went to Giant Eagle and bought some quality produce for a nice healthy stew with plenty of green veggies and fresh herbs. I am feeling better with the healthier food choices and cutting pop out of my diet, I am even taking vitamins.

Now if the weather would cooperate maybe I will be able to feel healthier without the stress of the last couple of years along with actually trying to take better care of myself. It is good for Kylie to eat better but she is that age where she doesn't always want to eat and maybe not eat basic good food.

Daniel is not feeling good today, his ear is bothering him which I cleaned and have given him some medicine for but he just seem like himself. I am hoping he will feel better tomorrow.

Everyone else is doing good, spring has started for Nana, she is more hormonal right now. Birds having mating seasons and of course she is a hen and would want to mate and lay eggs. She is trying to be a real hussy with some items in her cage.

I'm really glad it's the weekend I worked hard this week and it's mentally taxing, the end of the month is coming and it is always crazy in my business during this time. 

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