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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thanks Lord for a beautiful day

The weather is so wonderful today. Kylie and I went to the barn and took the horse blankets off and ran the horses around a little, we also built Cody's stall up because it had a bad dip. Traci the owner and I pitched in together and filled wheel barrows with gravel and put the mats on top.

Cody has a nice stall right next to the sliding door and he likes to watch outside and especially when the kids are playing. There's chickens, and ducks and geese. Some cows and mini's, barn cats, and a couple of dogs. What fun.

We came home and made dinner and then we played outside with the dogs and walked the little ponies out into the field which someday will be a swell pasture.

It's a little muddy but not bad and the breeze was warm and fresh. This will be the first spring in this home. I have to figure out what to do about the sunroom and the birds, it is a nice place for them but I hate the idea of taking Nana's big cage apart again and moving it.

The garage is the last thing to clean up from the move, the hay and the wood. One of these nice days coming I'll open all three doors and clean it up good. Kylie wants a work table out there so she'll have to help clean it and organize it.

We live in alpaca country now, they are cute and tempting. I think outside of horses though I'd like to have a couple of miniature donkey's. I love the little things, so much personality. But I know the worst thing to do is bring more animals home, I love them all but the other's suffer when there are too many. I hope though someday we can find a pony cart for pony and Kylie, before she gets too old to make those kinds of memories,

Yes today was indeed good, the long and gray months gone soon I hope. Of course there are always the hot months, I hate those too but the evenings are nice and it's always windy here. Tomorrow is work but I'm not stressed about it. The sun shines into the window in my office and the view is nice. I have total peace and quiet to concentrate and my co-workers and I instant message all the time. The dogs of course have to surround my chair like covered wagons but they are a comfort.

Nana is totally spoiled now because she eats breakfast with me and is right beside the refrigerator. Nothing gets past that bird.

Here's to the warmer weather, may it last awhile. 

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