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Saturday, March 23, 2013

I'm jealous of me

The weather was a nice surprise today, too bad it is going to snow a bunch tomorrow but I'll whine about that tomorrow. We got up and got moving this morning, I started by cleaning out the fire place while the sun was out and the house was warm. I left a bed of hot embers and we cranked up the fire right away.

For the first time in a long time I went to the square in Medina, there is a little jewelry shop that gives lessons in wire wrapping. Kylie needs to get out of the house and have a release for all of her artistic energy. Since she earned some money watching a dog she had a little cash to sign up for a class.

Next I went and talked to the pottery place and asked if she made some things out of clay here at home would they fire it for her. They also have classes learning to use a pottery wheel which she can sign up for next.

I stopped by my friends shop and she was out at a liquidation sale and stumbled on a vintage shop that sells many vintage hats, jewelry purses etc. I happen to have some very old hats that my grandmother made, she happened to be a hat maker, I'd like to keep one or two but I know that someone would appreciate them if they collected and it would be great to share them with someone that can appreciate them.

We got tired of walking around and came home and stoked the fire, let the dogs out and went to the barn. No one was there and we played with Cody and Aubrey and then Kylie rode Cody bareback and then with her English saddle, I climbed up and rode Cody in the English saddle too. The saddle is so comfortable and since I am so used to Cody I was very secure. Cody was so sweet he loves Kylie and he lowered his head and waited for the bridle and he complied with Kylie's requests as she rode with flexibility and even some eagerness. Kylie needs to build her confidence again to start working with Aubrey and with regaining her seat she can then concentrate on Aubrey and finishing him.

Aubrey is much taller than Cody now and he is still growing. He is very leggy, Cody and him have bonded a great deal and that is good, hopefully we will trail ride them this summer together. Even if we don't just the fact that we were able to spend quality time with them both is priceless.

We came home and I chopped up a turnip, fresh garlic, fresh spinach, parsley and some other green herbs, green onions, mushrooms and sauteed them in butter and a touch of bacon grease. I put small pieces of beef in the crock pot with a little olive oil and a small amount of Worcestershire sauce and let it warm up, then I poured the other ingredients in the pot.  It taste so good all simmering together, it turned out better than I could have expected.

While the little dinner cooked I broke out a little knitting loom I have and started to make a scarf with some pretty yarn I found. Spinning and working with fiber is therapy for me, I eat less and it's a great way to harness the anxiety that causes me to smoke.

At the end of the day I thought well what bad thing is going to happen, Kylie is happier than she has been in months, I really enjoyed things in my life I haven't in a very long time, surely there would be a price. I expect I will have these kinds of thoughts for a long time, pleasure of any kind has always come with a high price. I have worked so hard for so many years to survive that I really don't know how to cope with life as it is now.

Of course life is that way, we don't have any real control over anything, what is today may not be tomorrow but God is always good and that does not change. Hopefully the good Lord will continue his blessings and maybe I will learn that it is okay to be in a good place for as long as it lasts.

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