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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Disgruntled dogs

Today it is cold again and the house felt chilly except the fireplace room which is part of the open concept dining room kitchen and it's on the mid level (this is a split level), We haven't found more furniture yet to fill in the spaces of a family room and the living room with the fireplace yet. It will be awhile till we can get some gently used furniture and I decided to make the best of the situation and move the big chair and ottoman up to the level where the fireplace is.

There is sort of a bay window in the room and the room is bright with natural light and it is snug and warm with the fire going. A perfect place to sit and wrap yarn around a little loom with my feet up just relaxing.  Too bad that only one dog will fit in the chair with me and that I am focused on the yarn and not the dogs.

I got standing stares, sniffing, and sad forlorn looks from all of the dogs at different times, Cooper looked at the ball of yarn with disgust and even thought about taking it. I moved down to the couch and turned the TV on where I was immediately joined by all the dogs. Micah did decide that if it was good enough for me maybe he would take a nap in the chair by the fireplace since I had vacated it. I am still in eyesight though.

I think this evening I will really focus in on the dogs, trimming and dremelling their nails as well as trimming their feet fur. I am sure they will really appreciate that kind of special attention. 

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