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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Coming full circle

Today is what everyone prayed for, sunshine and warmth. The grass is starting to reveal little shoots of green, some plants have sprouted and trees. The strawberry patch has new life in it as well. The dogs played outside, the ponies coats came off and the ground is a little dryer.

I rested this morning and then Kylie and I got dressed and went to the tack shop. I spent a little bit of money to make Cody's life easier. Cody has had the same bit and bridle for as long as I've had him. Yesterday when we road him he seemed so uncomfortable and his bridle was a poor fit.

I didn't buy an expensive bridle but one that had more room and is very soft and east to buckle and unbuckle, I took the full cheek snaffle off of him for good. Cody now has a small loose ring snaffle with a copper piece in the middle so it is a two break instead of one. We tried it on Aubrey and he hated it but Cody was very comfortable with both the softer bridle and bit.

Kylie rode Aubrey and then Cody. We exercised them both. Cody has been waiting a long time to get the attention he deserves, he loves Kylie and is excited when she too does things with him. Cody is of the age where he is very quiet and calm making it easier for a rider to just think about riding and building confidence.

Being a single mom all of these years and working to survive, not really having a chance to spend time with my horse, it is finally time to return to when I did and building that relationship again. Cody and Aubrey are very close now and that is good for them both. They will do well on trail together.

I'm happy to see the horses and Kylie happy again. Kylie missed riding and with barn being quiet and having time to do whatever she wants it is a new beginning.

I saw a lot of trucks going down the roads with hay stacked on them, it's been a tough winter with not having a reasonable price for hay. People were out on motorcycles, ATVs, tractors and generally enjoying the day while it lasts.

It was good to come home this afternoon and just relax too. I'm tired but it's a good tired.

Tomorrow I'll cook a little dinner and do more of the same, we'll take some conditioner down and brush the horses, spend some time with the ponies here and enjoy the day. 

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