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Sunday, March 17, 2013

This and That's

Today I am off and getting little things done that have been on my list. With so many animals in my life there is sometimes a real long list.

First, seeing the horses that are boarded, then getting a couple of bales of hay for our little guys and some beet pulp for them as they need some extra to eat they are getting to skinny. The shouldn't have grain because pony has had mild founder and may have a metabolism issue so hay and beet pulp are a safe way to increase his ration. Little bit is just right, he is a mini and we keep him a good weight and he looks great, mini's shouldn't be overweight as many of them are.

Theodore bunny got his coat groomed and mats removed, it is not a quick job for french angora bunnies. Angora fur is so soft and silky and thick it is a tedious job sometimes. Bunnies have very thin skin so you have to be careful with brushes that have sharp bristles, scissors, and clippers. Lucky for bunny I have all the grooming tools and am very precise. Theodore is very happy being brushed and just lays on my table and lets me do whatever to his coat.

I took my air compressor and blew out my laptop keyboard that had some really gross stuff in it and I blew the dirt out of the delicate tooled leather on my saddle. I have to get some conditioner to really do the job right.

I am taking a break and then it's water dishes for the birds and dumping old food in their food dishes. Birds waste a lot and there is always leftover seed shells too.

Lowkie almost got eaten last might by the little black lab we are watching for a friend. The other dogs don't pay any attention to the parrots and Lowkie always sits on top of his cage and we never lock him up. He is a rescue who was locked up 24/7 for years and he has a bum wing and can't fly if only a couple of feet. He never comes off his cage but last night he ended up on the floor and got caught by the lab for a moment. He is fine just some dog spit on his wing but we took the extra precaution of locking up till the little dog goes home.

The sun has decided to shine this evening which is always welcome, I am really down with the grey days, it just has really depressed me at times.

The garage is nice to work in but there are somethings better done outside and when it's not raining, a real challenge this year for everyone.

Driving back from the barn Kylie who is 15 1/2 had a long conversation about the human footprint on the environment and how she hates what people do to it. The earth has quiet a burden with all of the people and cars and waste there's no doubt. Most people are not conscious of what can be done to take better care of the environment.

Population keeps growing and that is a strain too. Nothing can be done about most of these issues but I am glad Kylie thinks about the bigger picture. We are blessed to be surrounded by farms and open spaces, she hasn't experienced the density of the city much, now there's a place where the environment takes a real hit.

I'll have to clean out the fireplace tonight as cold weather is still coming and the fire keeps us warm without so much propane. I wish I could afford solar panels and things to generate energy without using fossil fuels etc. The upfront cost is too high right now.

Well here's thinking about spring coming, better hay prices, and birds and flowers. A warm day would be nice and some dry weather. 

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