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Monday, March 25, 2013

Mission accomplished

Four dogs got pedicures tonight, they got their feet fuzzes trimmed and their nails trimmed. Dusti got up on the grooming table and laid down and stuck his paws out for the clippers, scissors, nail trimmers and the Dremel.

Next came Daniel who stood on the table and lifted each paw up for me for the same routine. Micah jumped up on the table and tolerated the nail trimmers and dremel as he does not have toe and pad fuzz like the golderns.

Lastly, Cooper was caught and put on the table, he tries to sneak away when he sees it coming. He got the works and reluctantly stood and let me do it. After that since Cooper has a frizzy butt he got brushed out and now has a fancy butt, he is very proud of it.

Dusti is a senior golden and he has some week hips, they sometimes shake pretty bad but he still is able to get up on the couch and do stairs. It takes Dusti longer to get around and he sleeps more. I don't worry when I groom him or his feet about perfection, I do what he is comfortable with and whatever makes him feel better. If his feet aren't shaped up perfectly because it is hard to hold up his back feet I don't worry about it as long as I get the nails done, they don't wear down much anymore because of his mobility. I see that a lot in senior dogs where their nails aren't attended to as they should be. Sanding the nails down may seem more dramatic for a dog but when they learn that it doesn't hurt they are calm about it.

I never hit the quick on my dogs with cutting their nails, I always cut them carefully and then sand them down, that way they will not be hurt. Cooper is the only one that will not tolerate the Dremel. Cooper is a Sheltie and a little more high strung, he has white nails though so I can cut them pretty short since I can see the quick.

So, less clicking on the floor tonight, and a fancy butt to boot. 

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