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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day from hell continued - an update

The Culprit 
Lets see, flood in living room, septic pump alarm sounds, then crisis intervention between Kylie and her dad.

Dan came and fixed the busted pipe and we have heat in the living room where we only had heat from the fire all this time. We did have heat in the rest of the house though. Yet another mess created by the previous owners that wasn't fixed properly or disclosed.

While helping Dan with the repairs, Kylie and her dad have a spat and he leaves.... lovely.

Kylie is all emotional at midnight and I must use a key on the radiators to bleed them of air pockets every half hour or so till the waterfall sound stops in the radiators.

I'm tired and my head hurts. Indeed I will be happy to move on into February as soon as possible and leave January in the dust. 

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  1. Blimey! I'm so sorry that you're having all these problems...let's hope it's soon back to smooth running for you - you deserve it to be.