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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bringing in the New Year with Big Red

The Big Red Russian tractor I bought has a new starter and I got a driving lesson today. This is important because I was afraid of the tractor because it is like a big red beast. I finally drove it today and it was awesome! Easy to handle and this is important because it signifies that anything is possible and I can do!

Starting a New Year boldly is a good thing. 2010 was a very big year for me with my whole life changing in a matter of a few months. This next year will bring me further down the path I chose and will no doubt hold the biggest challenges as well as the greatest of happiness.

Big Red
I had a nice time today earlier with Kylie and Dave and Big Red. I was invited over to my friends the Works for a New Year's party. I left at 9:30 so I could feed Satire and then went to the neighbors house to eat grilled hamburgers. I came home a few minutes after midnight and here I am in my little house with my dogs. Kylie stayed at the Works and will be dropped off soon.

This is the most I have done for New Years in a long time so the new life must be agreeable to me!

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