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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stretch, Brrrr, and Yawn

My title describes how I feel sitting on the couch with my dogs watching a raging fire in the fire place tonight. A fire which I plan to keep going till tomorrow and started last night.

My dad came this morning and picked up his dogs and visited with me and I saw my brother who I had not seen for about ten years. I worked on the phones and quit to go to the feed store and then to get some groceries.

I came back to jump on the phones again and of course things start to happen. First, the dog food bag broke in the driveway when my brother Greg tried to bring it in and then he got sick and was making a real fuss.

Next, the water pressure is low and we discover a fitting has separated in the block building and we manage to shut the water off and fix it. I did get some calls in but it wasn't easy.

Of course in the midsts of this the horses must be fed and while I am completing that process I get a phone call. It is a neighbor calling who would like to share some pie with us. My brother left and came back for his glasses and then Kylie and I went into the house. We then had pie with the neighbor... banana cream pie and watched some TV,

I am glad to be alone now and have things quiet on this freezing night with my fire and my warm dogs and my cozy house and my sometimes nice teenager daughter and I almost forgot.... Nana especially when she is asleep. With all that said, tomorrow is Monday and the week begins again (as if I had to say it). I really wish to hibernate for a few weeks until the sun shines warmer and a little longer. Yawn.....  

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