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Monday, January 3, 2011

I Survived the Day and Then Some!

This morning I rolled out of bed and heard the neighbor flying down the driveway while I was drinking my coffee. Kylie got up so she could help cause her friends were supposed to come over later. We fed everyone, took the little dogs out of the basement. Fed the birds, let our dogs out and left the farm for a pet sit.

We picked up breakfast at McDonalds and did the pet sit and went to Tractor Supply. We came back to the farm and I cleaned the basement and blew out the dirt in the block building. My friend Betty and her grandchildren arrived and Shirley came later.

After the company left we again did a pet sit let the little dogs out in the basement and our dogs. We made it back in time to put away groceries which Betty gave us and swept the floor etc. Kylie's friends arrived and I went to clean stalls. My neighbor arrived with a newer smaller furnace he found for the block building. We put it in a corner till it can be installed.

I finished the stalls, went in the house and ordered Pizza for the girls and my neighbor came back over to eat some and play music on the keyboard. We started a fire and it finally took. The thing is with most people and starting a fire is they want to use kerosene or something to ignite it. I lived in England for a year with the only source of heat being a fireplace. Needless to say, I can start a fire the traditional way without any chemicals. I kind of look at is a challenge and an art actually.

The sound volume is much higher in my house with three teenage girls so the neighbor didn't last long before he decided his home was quieter and he liked that idea. The girls fed the horses and later one more pet sit. One girl had to go home early and so after she was picked up off we went to a pet sit and to buy ice cream at Walmart.

On the way back we were pulled over because I went around a car going really slow and swerving. The policeman thought we were coming off 71 from the game. He saw the Walmart bags and asked why I had went around the other car. After he checked my license he let us go because he thought maybe we had come from the game and might have been drinking. I showed him the receipt from Walmart with Oreo cookies, ice cream and Dr. Pepper and he had no doubt as to what we were up to.

We drove home and had the ice cream and fed Satire. The girls are still going strong and the fire is too. I will be sleeping on the sofa tonight where it will be quieter and the fire will be a plus. Tomorrow is two pet sits, some school work and phone work at night. The regular chores in the day time too.

Life is not dull and I enjoy moving around here and there. The dogs are crashed here beside me and it must be exciting for them too. Nanna enjoyed all the company but crashed awhile ago. I'm all sugared up but getting sleepy now.

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