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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Weekend is Over and the Chaos begins to Wain

Okay, this day I knew would be very long and tiring. I entertained the thought that I could squeeze in a nap but that was purely an unrealistic hope. Chores, Pet sits, dog walking, Kylie's friend, more chores, starting school, and working the evening shift.

I did get to sleep at around 1 last night and got up around 7. I was really tired but rallied and did well with the help of super powered caffeine, I have to admit right now I feel like I am sleeping with my eyes open.

I look forward to tomorrow and working here at home. We need to take our tree down, move the tv back into the living room and get laundry done. I also want to start working on the small bedroom downstairs that can be used for Kylie maybe as a little game/sewing room.

With the exception of the tree and the tv everything can be done gradually during the next few days. I can maybe get a little rest in tomorrow as I need to work tomorrow evening again. I also need to read because Wednesday I have some homework to complete.

I look forward to being in my own bed tonight and snuggling with the puppies.

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