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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh No.... To busy to blog...

Working hours on phone and finishing my first week of school. I might have to let the school go after this class because I know I can't do it all and the farm is my future. We still have chihuahuas in the basement and I am dog sitting for the neighbor. Micah is very excited about this doggie visitor as she is a girl dog. Her name is Marley and she used to be right next to us at our old house and Micah would stand and look over into her yard but since both my neighbor and myself had in ground fencing never the twain have met.

Micah would look longingly in her direction but nothing could come of this long distance across the yard romance until now. The two are now sharing the same household and since all four of my dogs are neutered males they were all taking a step back when Marley came over last night. You would think she had always been here and the boys have been gracious to her but Micah is much happier as he tends to have a sulky look because he likes being taken seriously because he is next in line to be pack leader should I come to an untimely end.

Marley has a little candy cane scarf on and has a bed her owner brought over and is happy all of the time and wags her tail non stop. She has hit Micah in the face and eyes a lot today and he stands and just takes it without as much as a grrr.

When Marley leaves next weekend, we get Monty who is a great dog but clashes with Micah so he will be kept mostly by himself in the kennel in the block building. Oh, did I mention that Marley really likes Micah too and the two of them sort of rub faces together Ahhhh,,,

Today I sucked it up and cranked up Big Red. We managed to get the manure spreader out of the barn, spread the manure and put it back in. The manure was smoking because of hay and very wet shavings and I was thinking it would be best to move it instead of waiting for a man to do it. I had fun driving Big Red and it is easier than last time and I even backed it for the first time which is easy except for it has a lever you have to maneuver to switch to reverse and the gears are strange on the stick shift. The thing has six gears and can travel over 30mph and so I have to learn to shift properly as there are many choices.

This week I have a busy schedule with working part time, appointments with clients, and dog sitting. I'm not sure I'll blog every night but be sure there will plenty of action around here whether I blog or not!

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