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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

He leadeth me beside still waters

I'm still caring around some anxiety about the fall out from yesterday. I felt tired again like I was still sick which I believe is just a reaction to yesterday's stresses.

I laid low today did a little work on the phones and took two naps. I roused around six this evening to feed horses and clean stalls. The manure spreader is full so we will have to empty it tomorrow.

Griff fixed the ignition on Big Red this evening which is very exciting. I can now turn the key and start the engine without fussing with wires. He has to put hydraulic fluid in it tomorrow and I can hook up the wagon and go. I'm so very happy to get to this point because it is so much simpler.

Tomorrow we will have two dogs boarded again till Monday so I plan on resting as much tonight as I can.

One significant thing stands out from yesterday though and it was the comment Dan the furnace repair friend I have said. Dan said he had never had to repair the copper pipes on a radiator because usually when one bursts it happens when people are gone for a few days and the house floods and everything must replaced costing thousands of dollars. Now... I was in my room across from where this pipe is and I stood up opened the door and heard the noise and water started to gush. I was heading to the barn which I would have been gone an hour or two at least. Imagine the water damage and possibly an electrical issue because it was coming out where the electronic stuff was on the floor and the dogs could have been injured.

Five minutes... I would have been gone and came back to a huge mess. He leadeth me beside the still waters - the pipe would burst that was a definite but when it happened and how it happened therein lies the blessing. 

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