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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Friday, January 21, 2011

Marathon Day Again... Made it and more Contemplations

Started before 8:00 this morning with chores, did phone work and then computer work. Cleaned the house some, dishes, and laundry.

Back to the barn to fire up Big Red and hook up the spreader and drive it out to pasture. Afterwards, stall cleaning in fast forward. A quick something to eat and back on the phones. Last feeding time for horses and here I am in my cozy house and PJ's surfing the net.

My brother is snoring on the couch, Kylie is in bed, and the dogs are at my feet waiting for me to go to bed.

I'm unwinding a little and thinking about tomorrow when I will get up and start over. I will work during the day but be able to have my late afternoon and evening free.

The new farm sitting gig went well and it will be a regular occurrence. I like having regular clients who need me a few times a month. It is less sporadic than random calls or scattered sitting jobs. I meet very interesting animals and their people in the work I do now. It was fun meeting people in banking but it is I am afraid to say, more exciting doing what I do now.

I believe I work harder now but I like it more. It is more physical labor, it takes planning, making business decisions, and paperwork to accomplish things in what I do now. It is healthier because I am in fresh air and not confined to an enclosure with artificial air circulation. I am not forced to sit in one place for long periods of time and I am not restricted to set hours and location. I have stress about finances but I feel I do have some control in that department and feel I need less and can do more with what I have already.

I believe time is of more value than money. Money is necessary but time is the true luxury. The drive to acquire more money and more things is paid for with our precious time. Like a water jug in the desert, the precious water that represents our time, once poured over the hot sands, evaporates and is lost. No matter how fancy the jug is or how much it costs it has no value if it has no water left to quench your thirst.

I'm not seeing any thing fancy here, jug or otherwise, but I am not thirsty anymore and I am at ease in my own skin. I am genuinely happy. 

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