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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yesterday was a great day for me

I spoke with a feed distributor and plan on changing the feed most of the horses are on, gradually of course. I researched several companies looking for a fixed formula with all the things on the label that is essential to health, coat and digestion. I also stumbled upon the Ohio State University Extension site that offers free course work covering basic care, nutrition, and a whole lot more. I enrolled in about 15 courses and am looking forward to working through them.

Another change here at the barn will be three feedings instead of two with smaller portions so the horses eat several times a day. During the summer months the horses eat pasture most of the day and when I can I bring round bales in for the winter so they can eat continually in a group outside.

I updated my business site to include useful links and started an estore that includes some of my favorite grooming tools. I also changed some of the services we offer that are specialized and that I would like to concentrate on this year.

I will have two stalls available soon and I hope to bring in more senior horses because that is my passion. I have a small stable that will house a total of 10 horses and I have 4 of my own. It is a nice place for owners who want low key, no drama, and a comfortable environment for their horses. The stalls are 12x14 with mats that allow drainage and each horse has natural light coming in from the ceiling, their own window to the outside and can hang their heads out to see their buddies. The arena is awesome and the pasture is special because it provides a natural tree line for shade and milling around with plenty of room for a good gallop and rolling. The horses go out every day by the way, when the weather is bad then they spend time in the arena or the small paddock. No one has to stand in a stall for days on end without exercise or interaction with other horses.

I finally got around to washing a fly mask for Mare Girl. It is a good idea for her to wear it for awhile to give her eye a chance to recover. She put her head down and waited for me to put it on her and seemed pleased when I was done. Her cold is better and her eye is not swollen or draining but it isn't as wide open as her other eye and it looks a little off color. We will just keep working on it and do the best we can to make her comfortable and happy.

I took over this place and the house is rough because it went through a nasty divorce and the roof and other essentials were not fixed. The siding needs painted, I put the roof on but the cosmetics have been left for the time being. As far as horses and dogs, they love this place because of the space, the smells, and the one on one attention I give them. Over time, we will make it fancy but right now we are all about giving good, safe, and caring service.

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