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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday evenings

The oldest of our dogs with the youngest taking a nap. Micah was a pretty aggressive puppy when we got him but Dusti our senior and a good puppy raiser made it work. They have a special bond, Dusti was the leader and Micah thought he'd take over.

Dusti is still the leader but he lets Micah pretend sometimes. Micah loves and respects Dusti and grooms him etc. Courage (my Golden that passed years ago) and Dusti were very bonded and after Courage died Dusti stepped into Courage's paws over time. There's Dusti, Daniel, Micah and Cooper along with all the dynamics of a multiple dog family.

I did the stalls early today and came in to relax because it can be a challenge to have a business where you live. The relaxing part didn't happen with company and hay being delivered etc. Later in the evening though I had a chance to kick back, get warm and just be at home without being on pins and needles about what I need to do next.

I just came in after night chores, the horses got their night hay flake cause it's so cold and the senior horses got their late evening meal. Water buckets weren't frozen and I topped them off and put the hose away. It was good day, everything got done and hopefully it won't be as cold as the last two days. I have a couple days to get some house work done which sometimes gets set aside but gets on my nerves when it isn't up to par. Tomorrow I work with a puppy, I'll be at a grooming shop on Tuesday and I will do another ride along in the next few days.

The quiet evening is almost at an end. My pups are snoozing next to me and the house is warm and comforting. I think I am pretty rich at the moment. 

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