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Friday, February 24, 2012

I love Friday's

I'm sitting here with a cockatiel sitting on me trying to nudge her way into my attention span by rubbing her forehead and beak on my face while I am typing. I tried eating a sandwich and when I tried to take a bite she stuck her head in mouth. Now she is trying to take my glasses off.

Anyway, the stuff I put in Big Red's tire stopped the slow leak and it is good not to have to put air in it every few days. I am talking with a new feed distributor and have studied some labels and am ready to switch to a new feed that will improve the health and appearance of the horses.

I gave Scrappy a bath today and blew his coat out. Scrappy is a Chow/Sheppard mix and he is a very nice dog. Today he decided to just walk into the bathing stall and sit down. While drying him, he raised each of his front legs so I could dry him better and turned for me so I could get both sides. He seemed to enjoy the drying and I put an attachment on the dryer hose so it would not overwhelm him, he even let me dry around his face without a fuss.

Stalls and chores are done and I look forward to watching some TV and relaxing until night feeding. Mare took her eye medicine well and ate her food with her antibiotics included without trying to pick through it. Her eye lid is still closed more than the other eye but her cold better and her eye has stopped draining.

Roxy the Cockatiel is still here wearing me down so I have to go cause I have a little bird eye trying to stare into my eye at close range to remind me she is here. Not to mention the squeaks she is making to annoy me further. I love me critters, yes I do.

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