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Saturday, February 25, 2012

House fire down the road

We heard sirens over and over again as fire and rescue trucks flew down our road. I looked out side and then out the back door and saw a huge fire down the road and I knew it was one of three houses. It was one of our friends house and it was a bad fire with the second floor basically consumed and the roof gone. The people were not home and the neighbor saved the dog. It was a horrible shock but I thank God that everyone was safe.

I offered to care for the dog and since my friend has lots of heavy equipment I offered a place here on the farm for him to move things temporarily if he needed to. All of the neighbors were there for support and it is good to know that when something happens that people still care and will come together to help someone else.

Of course, I pray for strength for these friends because it is a very dramatic experience for anyone. I thank God for their safety and the survival of there little Sheltie. It makes me think of people in the area that may need a place for their pets when a disaster happens. Maybe someday, I'll be able to offer a place they can bring them till they are able to take them back. It sounds like an important service to donate in a time of need.

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