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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Incredible people and pets

This weekend my spirits have been lifted by some incredible people and animals. Winter is a tough time on a farm with battling the cold and not so pleasant weather and also the utility bills (which are difficult for a lot of folks). These past couple of months especially have been really hard with trying to balance a tight balancing act on the financial end.

I learned once again I don't do well sitting behind a desk as I had a part time job to give us some extra money. But, I have also learned that my love of dogs and horses is truly where my future is and working with people who feel the same.

In helping some dogs to find homes and sharing my resources I have made good friends. Those friends did not forget about me and now have helped me. It is the love and kindness that make a difficult time better, simply knowing that someone cares is the best gift. People don't always know how a kind word or just a good deed can help the heart more than anything. So, thank you to all who have lifted my heart and renewed my desire to do what the good Lord gave me this place for, to be a blessing to his creatures.

Yesterday, I had the most incredible day riding along on a dog grooming van. Our first stop was a dog who has fear aggression issues and has bitten the groomer every time she has groomed him and some severe enough to send her to the ER. She didn't get bit this time and we worked through some of the dogs issues. We did get trapped in the van with a very afraid snarling lunging dog but we worked through it without a bite or the dog getting hurt. This is what I love, helping an animal through issues so they can have a happier life. (without becoming a doggie chew toy myself)

The groomer does a lot of senior dogs too which I love to groom because many groomers refuse to do them and I love giving the dog comfort and making them feel better when they are not able to take as good of care of themselves when they were younger. I hope someday to learn canine massage to help reduce pain and discomfort for our seniors.

Now horses, of course I love all of my horses in my barn, the boarders horses are my children too cause I see them everyday and know them all as I do my own. Ego's are a funny thing with their people, I don't have degrees in horse care just experience and I am somewhat empathic (I can feel or sense what an animal feels) and both have served me well with the horses. You can't document experience or empathy and hang it on your wall to validate your abilities and knowledge to others and so I sometimes just have to sit back and watch an animal wait for their human to get the validation from someone else to get past their ego and meet the needs of the animal. In the past, I have been ridiculed for suggestions and had to walk out to the barn everyday and feel a horse's need and suffering until it becomes an emergency or a battle to make the horse's needs known. Still, they are my horse babies and I love them.

Hope is a life force, when we pray we are to believe and therefore we have hope. As humans, it is really tough sometimes to believe and hope can dim. I think the worst affliction to a person is loss of hope. God wants us to come to Him because He wants to show us how much He loves us, He gives us hope. We all must remember though that through giving love and hope to each other, we are revealing a small glimmer of the face of our loving God to someone else He loves just as much. Times are tough but not to tough for a warm place for two dogs on my property for a family that ended up homeless and in a shelter. Interesting that it warms my heart to help them for they truly love their dogs and the good Lord has sent wonderful people to help me along my way as well. Hope and someone caring, the best medicine. God is amazing!

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