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Monday, February 13, 2012

Today's adventures

Today started out as usual, feeding the horses etc. The truck didn't cooperate, the battery died Saturday cause I left the key in the ignition. We charged the battery Saturday but it needed a little more charge as I didn't run it long enough. Eventually, the battery charged and Big Yellow is back in action.

I learned that the mobile grooming job will come through for eventually three days a week which is great considering the farm is a full time job. I will still do kenneling and behavior with dogs and maybe I will work on cat kenneling to as that is something people need and sometimes it's hard to find.

I went to town and got a couple of things we needed in the barn and came back and cleaned stalls. I started up the crock pot and am making poor man's cabbage with hamburger and rice with some diced tomatoes. It's hot and good for the next couple of days.

Emmie the barn manager (cat) had an injury to her leg a few weeks ago and she has been cooped up to let her leg heal. She is still limping but her leg is looking pretty good. She may have a permanent limp, the vet said it wasn't broken but some muscle trauma maybe. Emmie will be out again when it warms up cause she has a lot of barn supervising to do.

I have to admit that the cold weather makes me very sleepy. I've wanted to sleep more these last couple of days and I can't wait till it gets a little warmer because I get so much more energy. Soon, night chores and than a snuggle with my dogs.

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