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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mare Girl

The lady of the barn gets her hooves done. She has an absentee owner but her old neighbors come and check on her and pays for her medical care etc.

I called them yesterday and they are going to have Mare's teeth done again. She's a senior and she hasn't had the dental care she needs and so it will be good to get her teeth done again.

Mare has a weepy eye and I've been washing it out. She gets the weepy eye in the winter according to the people who look in on her and she had it last winter too.
Mare does have trouble with her hay and is on senior food but won't eat it if it's watered down but I have been adding a little beet pulp which at first she avoided but is slowly getting used to. She loves her blanket that was given to her by Shirley one of my other boarders. Mare needs her winter coat and so appreciates it when I put it on her.

She still loves to go out and be in the big pasture and be free and she loves her stall. I have her in the corner stall that has a little more privacy and she goes right to it (she has nailed the gait a couple of times and went to her stall). Such a good lady!

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