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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Staying up late, people like to visit

I couldn't resist the urge to stay up later last night and just watch some tv and hangout with Kylie and Marcie. I've been a little sleepy today but busy. The phone rang all day and we had plenty of visitors and friends wanting to go out etc.

I stayed home, it was nice to get some things done, take time to do the stalls and make sure everyone horse is out. They were all running with their tales up and having a good time. Kylie is on a sleep over and my brother is here and so tonight I am going to relax. I plan on studying tomorrow and Monday, going to the feed store tomorrow, and cleaning the house some more.

The weather was decent but it got colder when the sun started setting. It was a very good day and I will be good tonight and not stay up too late. 

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